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Holocaust Survivors Pro Bono

1. General Holocaust Links

General information about the Holocaust can be found at the following websites:
- The Holocaust Museum's Holocaust Encyclopedia
- Read the Holocaust Museum's helpful article on Nazi ghettos.
- Holocaust Timeline
- Wikipedia Article on the Holocaust

- Yad Vashem: a trove of information about the Holocaust.

2. Ghetto Lists

The following web links may be useful for verifying the correct spelling of ghetto names, as well as the dates that those ghettos existed:
- The ARC Ghetto List
- Ein Denkmal List of Ghettos

Note that many ghettos -- particularly those that existed for a short time or held a small number of people -- may not appear on these lists. Survivors who were held in ghettos (or "yellow star houses") that are not listed may still be able to apply for ZRBG and/or the Ghetto Work Payment Program.

3. Useful ZRBG Links

- Download the official ZRBG application forms here.

4. Information about Project Leaders, Germany & the Claims Conference

Project Leaders:

- Bet Tzedek, The House of Justice
- Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Germany provides information about the German Ghetto Work Payment program on the following websites:
- Payment in Recognition of Work in a Ghetto
- Information Sheet on the Ordinance on the Recognition of Ghetto Work

The Claims Conference provides information about the GGWP program as well as other reparations programs that it helps to administer:
- Claims Conference Homepage
- Specific information about GGWP

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