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Holocaust Survivors Pro Bono

The Bet Tzedek Holocaust Survivors Justice Network

The Holocaust Survivors Justice Network (HSJN) is a coalition of Jewish social service agencies, law firms, and corporate legal departments gathered together by Bet Tzedek Legal Services to provide dignity and resources to Holocaust survivors across the country.

  • Lawyers, paralegals, and social service workers who desire to be actively involved with the HSJN should Join this site to access our trainings and resources for two projects (1) the ZRBG life-time pension program and (2) the one-time 2000€ German Ghetto Work Payment Program (GGWP).
  • Holocaust survivors -- please look below to find FREE LEGAL SERVICES in your area. The information provided on this website is designed for FREE legal assistance. All HSJN members agree that Holocaust survivors should not ever be charged for legal services delivered with information provided by Bet Tzedek.
  • EVERYONE: We want you to know that changes are coming to the ZRBG laws!
    • Beginning in August 2014, Germany will start to send letters to current ZRBG recipients. The letter will provide details regarding pension payment options that relate to a "retroactivity" law that Germany passed in June.
    • The new, amended, law will make all ZRBG pensions retroactive to 1997.
    • What "retroactive" really means will be different for each survivor and each claim. Germany's letter will explain the facts of your situation. HSJN members can help you understand your letter.
    • We expect that the letters will be sent on a "rolling" basis -- not everyone will receive letters right away and the exact timing for when the letters might be sent is NOT KNOWN at this time.
    • As soon as we receive a copy of these letters, we will provide additional guidance and information on this website. We also will offer substantive training to our HSJN members. 
    • **Continue to monitor this website for updates as August approaches.

To learn more about our key acronyms (HSJN, GGWP and ZRBG), please visit our ABOUT and/or LINKS pages.


Holocaust Survivors

Germany offers social security pensions, as well as a one-time 2000€ "recognition" payment, for survivors who worked in Nazi ghettos. You MAY be eligible for a pension even if you currently receive other benefits.

To find free assistance in your area, go to:

Area Highlights

  • Please Note: Bet Tzedek's weekly call-in hour has moved from Fridays to Thursdays from 9:30am to 10:30am PST to answer GGWP and ZRBG questions (for Network attorneys only). Dial-in information is in the Library under "Resources."
  • Do you have a question about the ZRBG Pension Program? Check out our searchable ZRBG Handbook!
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